6 tons with electrohydraulic ​management

MODEL : MR8_12x2.4_0.5 tested according to standards LST-EN -1526. Tested MS ( maintenance service . Capacity 6 tons.         
DIMENSIONS: Width (B): 2200mm Width (b): 2000mm Lenght (L): 12000 mm Height (H): 1450 mm Stroke (H-h): 800 mm Support (R): 5600mm Platform (RH): 3350mm Tiltelio plotis ( parts is placed on the support) 450mm 
PLATFORM: Longitudinal load-bearing beams welded from IPE IPE300 , lateral connections used profile IPE100, increase the rigidity of the platform is made diagonal design through the use of binding strips 80x6. Front bridge made of 12mm thickness, 400mm in width, the longer side milled. Frame and hydrocylinders connections produced by laser cutting 10mm thick loops. Termination bridge consists of 10mm thick sheet with stiffening ribs and transverse welded metal pins 8x8.  
FRAME: Made from tube 120x120x5, Laser-cut connectors. Frame connector used in compensating bearings. Connection axis used 45mm diameter calibrated rod. 
COVERAGE: Before painting node cleaned with a wire brush, cleaned special liquid. Covered with one layer of primer and two coats of polyurethane paint. 
THE BRIDGE FRONT: Construction welded from 10mm thick sheet. 
REAR BRIDGES: Construction welded from 10mm thick plate, and a special Laser-cut stiffeners. 
GRID : rods and welded from 4mm thick and 40mm in height toothed (serrated) bands. Galvanized. 
WHEELS: 356 mm in diameter and 100mm in height abrasion resistant SOLIDIDEAL ( Finland) company. 
HYDRO: : -2 Units Cylinders Cylinder type – Piston Pump-type piston Tank capacity - 8 liters Oil- NESTE 46 Operating temperture --30ºC - + 50 ° C 
SAFETY: „Zebra“ type of moving parts marking. Hydro lines infringement protection. Chain links with piled transport. Deck grating tooth. Night lighting Bearing capacity (max) 6000kg.  
DEVICE COLOR: Still nodes - RAL 7037 , Moving nodes - RAL 5014 Marking - RAL 1003 All elements of the collection galvanized. The product is cleaned before painting a wire brush. 

​  6 tons with electrohydraulic operated