Hidrotiltai UAB manufactures hydraulic lifts of various types, installs and delivers to the relevant maintenance services, prepares technical documentation. The lift models are designed to lift people with reduced mobility, lifting or loading goods, picking up light vessels or yachts, car lifts, etc. There are three types of hoists produced: scissor lifts, hoist lifts and a separate type of service lift. Scissor lifts are divided into a number of models (with sliding, sliding or swivel platforms, with bridges, platforms with rollers, etc.) according to the function scenarios. We manufacture the lifts for the food industry environment from stainless steel, if the working environment is very damp - zinc plated. We have extremely high load capacity (from 10 t) scissor lifts. By design, scissor lift models are divided into single scissor, twin or trenched scissor (vertical or horizontal) models. If the lifting height exceeds 4 meters, it is rational to use bracket lifts. The standard lifting height of our standard hydraulic lift trucks is 10.4m. We also produce gantry lift shafts. Service Lifts - Lifting equipment with small volume cabinets. Their peculiarity is high lifting speed and height. They are mounted in closed shafts. Areas of use: in offices, fast delivery of documents between floors, catering in catering establishments from the cooking room to the catering room, delivery of small loads in individual residences (for example, a wine bottle from the wine cellar to the kitchen). The type of lift and the basic parameters are visible in the legend of the model:    LEGEND