hydraulic ramps ​with extended platforms

The extended platform ramp is suitable for servicing the heights of a wider range of heights. These ramps can serve marine containers, standard and Jumbo (low-floor) trailers, or if expensive, easy-to-load loads are loaded and require a smaller ramp angle than the loading regulations (8%).

Model HR4_1.4x4_1

​This model ramp is designed to serve micro buses as it is narrowed to 1.4m wide and mounted on a 1.2m high concrete ramp. As the height of the bus floor is 0.6m, the ramp with the 4m long platinum easily aligns -0.6m with a permitted 8% slope of the stevedoring regulation.

Model HR6_2x5.85_1

​The ramp of this model is designed to serve standard trucks when the floor level of the warehouse coincides with the level of access to the warehouse. The platform width is 2000mm, and at a length of 5850mm it reaches the 1200mm height of the trailer floor, up to an 8% slope.

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