refrigerator docks

  If it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature during the loading between the building and the inside of the trailer, it will be necessary to use environmentally isolated loading terminals. The difference between the standard is that the trailer doors are not opened before the trailer is parked at the terminal (as in the case of a standard loading terminal), but in a trailer that has already been parked. This is ensured by a special ramp table design. The terminal is equipped with a pair of gates (one against the ramp, others behind it (to the building). The front gate is first lifted before the trailer is parked. These terminals only include pneumatic (inflatable) shells and hydraulic ramps with telescopic (ejectable) bridges. When the shell is already hermetically wrapped around the side and top perimeter of the tailgate, opening the door of the trailer raises the ramp and pushes the bridge to the trailer and seals the bottom line of the trailer, only then opens the gate inside the building and starts loading. Terminals of this type can also be coin rotated at 30, 45 and 60 degree angles. In cases where the Jumbo-type trailer needs to be serviced to the marine container, a thermal terminal with a height-adjustable platform is used. 
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