Hydraulic ramps - a versatile loading device used for servicing trucks (furrows). Depending on the type of vehicle being transported, hydraulic ramps of several models are used.  
​The most widespread is the standard hydraulic ramp model, which is used for load handling from standard trailers with a flooring height of 1200mm. Such a ramp is mounted in a specially prepared place as well as raised to 1200mm asphalt. There are two types of ramps: with a folding bridge and a displacement. The standard ramp height adjustment range is + 220mm -280mm, so it is only suitable for standard trailers and marine containers.  
​The extended platform ramp is suitable for servicing the heights of a wider range of heights. These ramps can serve marine containers, standard and Jumbo (low-floor) trailers.  
​The extended ramps with lifting ramps have the widest range of height equalization (+ 220mm - 650mm) and are suitable for servicing marine container trailers up to micro buses.  
If there is space in the warehouse and there is no possibility to make a large trailer for parking on the access to the building, a hydrofoil with an overpass is used. 
hydraulic ramps with folding ​support

hydraulic ramps with extended platform

hydraulic ​platforms with ​elevation

typical hydraulic ​ramps

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