The purpose of the loading terminals is to safely, quickly and conveniently load the goods - unloading from the truck to the warehouse or vice versa. The thermal bath consists of several elements:   
1. The ramp table is a construction mounted on the building where the hydraulic ramp is mounted. 2. The purpose of the hydraulic ramp is to form a bridge between the warehouse and the truck floor. 3. Chambers - the contour is mounted on a ramp table and its purpose is to protect the loading area from atmospheric influences (wind, rain, frost) and outside from the noise generated during loading. 4. Shell (sealing zone protection) when the trailer is parked, maximizes the loading area from the outside. 5. Gates - closes the warehouse after finishing work. 6. Trailer guides are designed for precise positioning of the trailer on the terminal. The more accurate the positioning of the trailer, the better the sealing area and the less defective shellter. 
typical loading ​docks

thermo ​docks

dock ​elements


refrigerator ​docks

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